About Shanghai Golden Lotus Horticulture

About Golden Lotus gardening

Shanghai Jinhe Horticulture Co., LTD. (Office greening networkFounded in February 1998, the headquarters is located in Shanghai。

Shanghai Jinhe Horticulture is a professional office building officePlant rental maintenancePotted flowers and plants for rent and green plants for purchase and saleOffice greeningOffice green plant rental layout company, providing indoor and outdoor, office office greening and indoor and outdoor greening engineering design, garden maintenance, flowers for activities, office ornamental flowers and plants, green plant rental solutions。

The Golden Lotus Garden officeWe are specialized in providing indoor and outdoor greening engineering solutions, indoor and outdoor office greening environment, green plant image wall design, office greening plants, flowers rental and layout, festivals and exhibitions, office activitiesFlower purchaseAnd green plant maintenance services, in the green industry in a leading position。

In March 2012, the company was reorganized into a shareholding systemShanghai Siji Group CompanyWith Shanghai Jinhe Horticulture Co., LTD., we set up the board of directors, independent finance department, professional manager, and branch offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Chongqing, covering all functional departments。

The company's association with Shenhe flower line, Longlin Horticulture, Hui He landscape engineering company, Zhenghai flower Horticulture, Shuwan Hui Horticulture and other regional responsible for peers,Efficient, open, customer-service modern service industry as the core value of the operation system,Create green industry association potting industry branch actively make efforts and contributions,Strive for the creation of plant industry maintenance rental service standards,And maintain the healthy development of potted flower market to make the industry model,Also for the future of more love for the green industry,Provide a powerful platform,Give it a chance,Realize one's dream。The development of greening is inseparable from the common development and integration of industry resources。

Over the years,With the joint efforts of the gardeners and interior garden designers of Golden Lotus Gardening,There are many customers who benefit from indoor green plant potted plants in plant rental (green plant rental) flower care services, sales and maintenance,We rely on the quality of our flower POTS, the level of flower care and the landscaping value we provide to our customers to win the trust of our customers,As a well-known large-scale plant and flower rental company (greening company),The greening performance continues to grow。

Whether you're adopting indoor greenery for the first time, signing up for a plant lease, or wondering if your current plants could be better, there are a number of ways you can do thisContact usFrom the new green layout to the green effect rectification let Jinhe Horticulture to fix。Now make an appointment with our horticulturist to provide your company with free on-site green layout consultation and design。We are very competitive price advantage to meet yourOffice greeningCost budget to provide satisfactory greening results beyond customer expectations。

Golden Lotus Gardening: greenery beside you ~ Greenery beside you.

  • Urban greening industry member unit
  • Member of Global Office Environment Care
  • Key unit of urban landscaping
  • The afforestation maintenance ability is trustworthy
  • An entity that honors contracts and keeps its word

Shanghai Golden Lotus Horticulture Co., LTD,Professional provide plant rental, office plant rental and maintenance, flower pot rental and maintenance, office greening lease, green plant rental layout, green plant purchase and sales, indoor and outdoor greening engineering design, lawn maintenance, activity flower rental, office greening design and flower arrangement and festival exhibition activities with flower maintenance services,In a leading position in the industry。